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Staff Nurse - ICU

/ Code: EPL01355


This is a role we have several internationals working in. It is a perfect role for a bachelor starter or with a few years of experience. Client is the biggest High Tech Company in the Netherlands and growing rapidly.

Omschrijving vacature
  • State-of-the-Art facilities and hospital was designed to support critically ill patients to provide the best outcomes- unlike other hospitals that tend to expand and extend hospital facilities when they are required, Southmead Hospital is purpose built with the flow of critically ill patients in mind.
  • Innovative department, developing new practice- example- PACE (Post Anaesthetic Care Environment)- Pace is unique to NBT and we are the first ICU to provide a dedicate facility for post-operative patients. This means our nurses have the opportunity to work with patients who aren’t just critically ill but elective patients who have that higher level of care
  • Regional Specialties- exposure to a wide variety of specialties in the department, including Trauma, Burns, Renal and Urology, Transplant, Complex, Vascular and Neurology
  • Excellent Multidisciplinary working- own in-house physio team and in house dietician
  • Training available-

There is a range of training available to support the transition into this specialty/support the professional development of ICU nurses.

  • Dedicated ICU education team- there are three departmental Practice Development facilitators on hand to provide on the job training alongside official training sessions
  • Foundations in Critical Care Programme- this is a bespoke internal training programme that has been set up by the ICU education team. This consists of 5 study days set up within a 6-9 month window and is a unique opportunity to work alongside experts in the specialty and tap into the knowledge of the senior ICU colleagues
  • Step Competency Framework Training- After the completion of the foundations programme, staff are supported to complete

Step Competency Framework training- this is a nationally benchmarked training programme for Adult Critical Care Nurses

  • https://www.cc3n.org.uk/step-competency-framework.html
  • ICU Critical Care course- After these courses, some staff progress to complete the ICU Critical Care course which is a 6 credit module linked with the University of the West of England. This is a post-graduate specialist module course and the module fees are paid by the trust.
    • 11 ICU staff have had a place on this course this year.
    • Projects from this module are implemented across ICU, our nurses are actively encouraged to apply their learning to the clinical setting and the team welcome this.
  • High Fidelity Simulation Suite- Additional on-the-job training available- the department has a high-fidelity simulation suite where nurses can practice critical care skills in a safe environment. The ‘high fidelity simulation’ uses a computer-based mannequin, allowing experiential training of skills, knowledge and decision-making, which builds confidence in a safe environment, transferable to real patient situations.
  • Regional Training events- Regional training days are also hosted within the trust.
  • Link Practitioner Roles- opportunity to take part in link practitioner roles- such as tissue viability, medicines management etc.
  • Journal Club- share and discuss aspects of care- distribute and discuss the application of theory into a clinical setting

  • Health and Wellbeing-
    • Department provides a large away of support to staff, including-
      • Wednesday Wellbeing Café- an opportunity for staff to have a chat with colleagues over a ‘cake and a cuppa’
    • TRiM Practitioners- TRiM is a trauma-based focused peer support system designed to help people who have experienced a traumatic or potentially traumatic event- available for confidential chasrs and are able to list and offer practical advice or assistance- leads in the department
    • PIMS- Positive Incident Management System- Monthly recognition of good care
    • Various social events, including the ICU walking festival, in which the team are looking to go to Pembrokeshire this year.

Relocation allowance of up to £4,!

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